Sunday, August 2, 2009

art trends

What are the current trends in art? What do you see in the magazines or galleries or homes that seems to share a common thread? An artist friend of mine, Vickie Martin, suggested that green art is all the rage. Green is trending throughout all the world right now, as an influence over all phases of our work, home, our lives....but is it just a passing fad or fancy?
will it all be forgotten when the energy crisis subsides for a while? Does art really have much to do with our carbon footprint?

I am interested in hearing what other artists, and design professionals think about what is trending in art? I belive that the cutting edge that is portrayed for example on ART 21 hasn't really made it down ot the trending level. Trendy is sometimes considered a perjorative term, however i find the trending topics on twitter pretty fascinating.

So let me hear from the blogosphere about trending art. I guess this could be categories, styles, subject matter, size, medium, or just about anything.

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Vickie said...

i think it is very difficult to define this right now. Because of the economy, some artists are playing it safe and continuing with what is tried and true and what will sell. However, there are artists that are throwing caution to the wind and using this time to push it and do what their heart desires. I do believe, or maybe just really hope, that some of this over priced kitschy type art will not really hold it's value. I think artwork that reached record auction costs in the past several years will not continue gaining value at the same eliptical speed.