Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You are invited...
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Shadowline Artist Group - The Stories We Tell

Opens Saturday, July 20, 7-10 PM 

The stories we tell is a visual compilation of the Shadowline artist group,  a coterie of Atlanta artists who meet to encourage, support and  challenge each other in their individual artistic journeys.  The artists  include...

Jacqueline Doyle Allison
Arlene Brass
Lance Carlson
Tina Ciranni
Joel Conison
Vickie Martin Conison (Seen Gallery Artist)
Diane Clark
Diane Evans
Sara Hendrix
Donna Orti

The individual members work in media across the artistic spectrum including  painting, collage, sculpture, mixed media and photography.   The Shadowline artist group began meeting in 2004 as a group loosely connected through art education and other relationships.  Shadowline is pleased to present this group show at the Seen Gallery.  The artists invite you to join the conversation as they share their visual stories.

Runs through September 14
Tuesday - Thursday  12PM-6PM
Friday-Saturday 12 PM - 7 PM
Sunday 1 PM - 6 PM
Closed Mondays

The Seen Gallery | 415 Church Street | Decatur | GA | 30030

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lance Carlson SOLO show

Lance Carlson's solo show at Georgia Perimeter College Clarkston Campus
opens January 9. 2012 to February 10. 2012 with a Reception
on January 25 from 6-9pm
Come out to see the show and to the reception to meet the artist.
series as well as some other pieces will be featured.
Main Gallery

Monday, November 14, 2011

My goals for the next month....by Lance Carlson, Artist.
1. Finish "toyland series" and pitch to dk gallery by 11/20
2. Finish "sacred spaces' series by 12/12 in time for shadowline critique so tweaks can be made prior to January solo show at GPC., Clarkston Campus.
3. Find a gallery in Knoxville TN, and submit a package for review.
These are measurable, and attainable...we shall see how I do.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Shadowline Artist Group met yesterday and we have begun incorporating our goals in our critiques. I was so inpsired by this that I wrote a blog about it - that you can read here

I encourage other members of Shadowline to share their goals here too!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Shadowline Artist Group will have their work on view for the month of December at Limelight Gallery (in Binders Art) located at 3330 Piedmont Road, N. Atlanta, Ga. 30305.
The opening reception, with the artists present, will be 12/6 2-5p! There will be seven artists contributing to this show; Jacqueline Allison, Joel Conison, Vickie Martin, Lance Carlson, Sara Hendrix, Donna Orti and Laura Parker.

Please join us!!!!! Light refreshments and wine!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


We all know we are in a worldwide recession. So , is this the time to begin collecting art? Yes!!! While sales of luxury items such as planes, yachts, high end cars, and real-estate have plummeted. However, art by established masters has held its value. Collectible pieces of art that haven't been on the market for awhile are suddenly available as people need the money. However, you want to start an art collection and you are a long way from purchasing a Picasso or a Da Vinci. What do you need to know?

History has shown that fashionable art in its own time often does not increase in value. This means to pay attention and don't invest in the art just because it is hot today. Always look at art with you heart and your eyes and not with your ears. The first and foremost rule of buying art is to buy something that you like, that sings to your soul.

Also, remember original art is one of a kind. If something is speaking to you and you decide to wait because you don't know where to put it, you might lose the opportunity of purchasing it forever. Chances are, if it speaks to you, it will speak to someone else. Timing is critical in purchasing art.

Look, Look, Look and Read Read Read. Go to museums, galleries, art walks, artists studios. Be as knowledgeable as you can. You don't need to go back to school and get an MFA in Art History. But you do need to know what is going on and where the market is going.

Art as an investment has withstood economics. But, still be cautious. All collectors stress collecting for aesthetic reasons, and not for economic reasons. Dealers can smell someone that is collecting to make money a mile away! They will not offer you any favors if they sense that.

I have read and read many people are telling people to go direct to the artists. I don't agree with this. Any artist that will undercut his gallery and representation is not to be trusted and will not last long in the artworld. If the artist doesn't last, what will the art ultimately be worth. Reputable artists have been taught that a price is a price is a price - no matter who sells it or where it sells.

If you want to collect art on a budget, start small. Often there are limited edition prints available. There are also programs that allow people to lease art.

Look for local emerging artists too. This will give you, as a collector, the opportunity to meet the local artists. If you purchase several pieces from a local emerging artist, you will have other opportunities to see new work as it is created.

Just remember, above all, look at as much art as you can. Read the reviews in the art magazines and in the newspapers. Go to the artist's talks and art walks, as well as festivals. Network with other collectors. And, have an open mind and an open heart